How can my company benefit from Data Systems’ services?

Just ask some of our clients. Our consultants can evaluate your company’s needs and very quickly streamline your information management systems. This means increased productivity and more time to focus on your company’s mission. We provide you with one simple step to take whenever you have problems or don’t know what to do. Pick up the phone and call and your problem is solved.

Will I have to scrap my hardware and start from scratch?

No. Your old systems can usually become an integral part of your new system. Regardless, we will recommend no changes before first analyzing your specific needs.

So I won’t have to buy all new software, either?

That’s right – the tools you have now can be integrated into one complete solution. This makes life easy for your personnel and increases their efficiency.

Will we have to train our staff in a whole new range of computer skills?

Not at all. We pride ourselves on consistent, user-friendly software and quality support for all applications and hardware.

Do we have to shut down our operations for weeks while we wait for the new systems to be implemented?

No. We know how important a smooth transition is and always minimize any disruption of your day-to-day operations. We utilize a variety of different hardware and operating systems in house to prototype any changes prior to installing them on your systems. This allows us to make sure everything will work smoothly when we install on your systems.

We have spent a lot of time entering information into our current system. Will we be able to convert it directly to the new system?

Yes. Any changes we make always include conversion of your existing data. We’re very aware that the true value of any system is the information it manages, not the system itself.

Our company doesn't have the budget of a huge corporation. Does that mean we can’t afford professional information management services?

Absolutely not. In fact, the smaller your budget, the more important it is that you do utilize Data Systems. We help you make sure that every dollar you spend for information technology is spent wisely.