Our Services

IT Consulting

Yes, the nice title up there says we can be your IT consultants, but we prefer to think of ourselves as your advocates. We can evaluate changes and upgrades on the horizon, help you make the best decisions for your current situation and avoid future pitfalls. In other words, sometimes we say “no”. And by “no”, we mean “trust us.” It usually only takes one avoided disaster or a few thousand saved dollars for our clients to do just that.

Systems Analysis

Around here, Systems Analysis refers to an analysis not only of your current systems but your future systems as well. With a long-term plan, you can be prepared for systematic upgrades of your hardware and software – both organizationally and financially. (And hey, sometimes emotionally. We get it.) Ultimately, we believe change is good; but unexpected change is not so good. So we do our best to help avoid that unexpected part. It’s not some complicated trade secret; it’s just that we’ve found more success in working hard to earn a customer’s trust than earning a little extra money.

Systems Integration

Ever been responsible for ordering lunch for everyone at the office? Then you know how complicated it is to make anything come together seamlessly, much less a systems integration. You have this department’s database, that department’s software program, and every department’s inherent panic at the mention of change. There’s a lot of information within the walls of your company, yet none of it ever seems to agree.

That’s where we can help in a big way. No matter how far you are from where you want to be, we can build a plan that will have everyone running with current, complete data for their specific needs immediately, with consideration and planning for adaptability when needs inevitably change later. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Integration doesn’t have to mean new systems, either. We can use your existing systems as the core, adding on smaller, inexpensive applications to tie everything together and extend the life your current technology investment. Over the long term, we can save you so much money … you might just consider buying lunch for everyone at the office.

Network/Hardware Support

It’s not often that fast and cost-effective are a package deal in the technology business, so we don’t expect you to believe it when we say we offer both. But once we take care of your problems quickly and get you to a point that you simply stop having problems altogether, you won’t believe that, either. Zero downtime is our goal and it’s one that is very achievable. Let us show you how.

Network Monitoring

There are problem solvers, and then there are those who solve the problem of having problems. That’s exactly what we can do with our NetMon service. (Net and Mon … see what we did there?) We will monitor your company’s critical systems and correct problems before they spiral into time-sucking, productivity-sapping, money-syphoning parasites. And you know, no one loves a problem – but everyone loves a problem that never becomes a problem.

Optimizing/Extending Systems

If there is one thing we tell our clients that saves them the most money and headache it’s this: just because it’s the latest does not mean it’s the greatest. Making a change simply because a change is available is not an effective strategy but it is, unfortunately, a common one. The best solution could be to extend the usable life of your current software and hardware.

We can help you decide whether it’s time to upgrade, replace or just relax. And we can give you those recommendations with complete confidence because we’ve taken the time to dig deep into the nitty gritty – okay, nerdy – technological scope of your business.

The plan we develop, when it’s time to do so, will be based on high quality solutions that will save you money down the road. In other words, instant gratification junkies and impulse buyers are probably not going to like our style.

Custom Software Development

Mario Andretti would probably argue with us, but we stand by our belief that faster isn’t always better. The most efficient technology is not only faster, it’s smarter. That’s why custom solutions designed to fit your business down to the detail can make a big difference. The truth is, cookie cutter approaches to software implementation don’t even work that well for cookie cutter companies. That's not to say that an off-the-shelf software solution is never a good choice – it’s just that it’s important to know when it’s not.

We have the developers and analysts who can keep things lean and mean by developing a custom add-on or integration with your current software, or designing core enterprise-level custom code designed exclusively for your very un-cookie-cutter-like business operations.